Meet Spektrum, the best web-based employee management
suite for a real-time workforce. Spektrum makes life easier and simpler for any HR professional by bringing together all the tools to manage staff efficiently.

Spektrum is an HR and Employee Management software handling everything from employee attendance to salaries and bonuses. Bringing together Time & Attendance, Shifts & Rosters, Leave Management and Payroll, Spektrum is the complete HR tool.







With an intuitive user interface, individual user management, and reporting tools, Spektrum can cut down the time spent lurking around empty desks by half.

Find out more about Spektrum in the video below.


Cloud (y)

Spektrum is cloud-based, thus you can access it from anywhere and at anytime. Moreover, you benefit from the latest updates immediately with no disruption to your workflow.

Insert tab A into slot B

Spektrum is fully integrated with any AIS Technology biometric reader, including facial, fingerprint, card or hand recognition technology. No fuss, no hassle.


One to Rule them All

Significantly, Spektrum brings together the whole Employee Management process. Spektrum seamlessly links Time & Attendance to Leave Management and Payroll to make life easier for HR.


Role-based access allows HR, managers and staff to view and control only what is relevant to them. Spektrum's web portal is secure and stable, built on Microsoft Azure.

The Netflix of Project Management

Staff turnover making life complicated? Add, manage and remove employees from a single web portal at the click of a button. Additionally, Spektrum handles biometric enrollment of punch clocks too.


You Can't Hide

Spektrum includes all the reports you would ever need, and then more! All your HR info is easily presentable within a variety of software reports, with the added bonus of HR dashboards too.