Do you handle all HR Operations? Do you find your head all over the place, simply trying to keep track of all employees attendance, leave applications and payroll process?

If so, SPEKTRUM’s Employee Management is the right tool for you.







SPEKTRUM is one of the best web-based, employee management suites – for a real time work force.

Our workforce HR software tool, allows you to access your punches, apply for leave and view your payslip. All of this directly within SPEKTRUM!

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SPEKTRUM’s HR and Employee Management software makes life easier and simpler.


By bringing together all the tools to manage your staff efficiently and effectively.

The company software is divided into four main modules, bringing together: Time & Attendance, Shifts & Rosters, Leave Management and Payroll , all under one roof. 

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“From Punch to Payslip”, as Mr.Spek says.
Any area of employee management is handled by SPEKTRUM.

In other words, the moment you start working to the moment you end your shift. Followed by calculating over time or applying for leave. And above all, to viewing your payslip.

Therefore, it is no wonder why SPEKTRUM is one of the most popular employee management tools, on the web.


Accessible from anywhere

Spektrum is cloud-based, therefore you can access it from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, you immediately receive the latest updates, with no disruption to your workflow.

Full Integration with Hardware devices

Spektrum integrates seamlessly with all biometric hardware offered by AIS Technology.

The models that are available include facial, fingerprint, RFID card or hand recognition technology.

All modules under one roof

Spektrum brings together the entire Employee Management process into one single application. In other words, Spektrum seamlessly links Time & Attendance to Leave Management and then to Payroll.

Safe & Secure

The role-based access allows HR professionals, managers and staff to view and control only what is relevant to them. This is because Spektrum's web portal is secure and stable and built on Microsoft Azure.

Easy Employee Management

Does your company have a high staff turnover? If yes, Spektrum you can add, manage and remove employees at the click of a button.

Customisable Reports

All of your information is easily presentable within a variety of software reports. Over and above, the customisable dashboards bring all of your data together. Hence giving you a full picture, at all times.